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our 12 step process

Refining the wooden door restortation process by metro atlanta’s most trusted experts

Experience the transformation of your wood door with Metro Atlanta’s premier wood refinishing specialist.

1 - Initial Preparation
We begin by meticulously removing the locks and handles, followed by the hinges, carefully taking the door out of its frame. To maintain the integrity of your space, we seal the open area with precision using plastic covering, safeguarding against heat displacement and potential insect intrusion.
3 - Triple Sanding Technique
Employing our unique triple sanding method, we delicately eliminate any remnants of old finishes, ensuring a pristine foundation for the refinishing process. This meticulous approach guarantees the removal of all imperfections and previous paint layers.
5 - Wood Conditioning Treatment
Prior to staining, we administer a specialized wood oil treatment to cleanse the surface of any residual dust and debris, priming it for optimal stain absorption and internal wood preservation.
7 - Thorough Staining
We meticulously apply two coats of stain to ensure uniform coverage and saturation, allowing the wood to absorb the desired color fully, enhancing its natural beauty.
9 - Finishing Touch
Following complete drying, we meticulously hand-sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper, ensuring the protective layer is impeccably smooth and free of any imperfections.
11 - Premium Topcoat Application
For unparalleled defense against UV rays, humidity, and moisture, we apply four coats of marine-grade spar urethane UV grade polyurethane topcoat, providing exceptional resilience and preserving the door's exquisite finish.
2 - Paint Removal
Utilizing specialized removal materials, we expertly strip away old and damaged paint layers, preparing the wood surface for rejuvenation.
4 - Surface Refinement
With finesse, we proceed to sand the wood surface using a finer sandpaper, meticulously refining it to achieve a smooth and flawless finish while preserving the wood's integrity.
6 - Custom Stain Application
Collaborating with you, we apply your chosen stain color to the wood, allowing you to visualize and select the perfect hue that complements your space. Our expertise ensures precise color matching tailored to your preferences and the unique characteristics of your wood grain and texture.
8 - Waterproof Sealing
To fortify the wood against moisture and environmental elements, we apply a protective sealing layer, safeguarding every inch of the door, including knots and pores, against water infiltration.
10 - Enhanced Durability
Building upon the stain layer, we apply two additional coats, bolstering its thickness and durability, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and protection.
12 - Final Assembly
In conclusion, we reattach the locks and handles with precision, seamlessly integrating the door back into its original position, ready for you to relish its renewed splendor.
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